About Us

The air trapped in a bubble wrap
The dirt piled on a secret map
The raindrop on the rearview mirror
The teardrop on the broken Sitar
The mirage in the scorching Sahara
The glaciers in the humbling Himalayas
The universe is eternally searching Escape Paths.
We are only human!

The Travel Bubble

Two engineering students collided in college. Their effervescent dreams escaped and something surreal happened. The forces of nature aided in the attraction of these tiny but mighty “similarly charged” dreams. This merger led to the rise of a big bubble of dreams – The Travel-Bubble.

The bubble has been growing ever since the collision, much like our Universe since the Big Bang. The day they took their wedding vows (05.02.2017), they promised not only to annoy each other till eternity but also to shield the bubble from all things evil and sharp.

Mitranjali first saw her mom’s face and squealed on 24th October in Kolkata.
She holds a degree in Engineering (Computer Science, Batch of 2012). The glorious past of North Kolkata has instilled in her an eye for detail. While her connect with the laid-back atmosphere of the labyrinthine alleys of this old city has created profound roots in the Bengal culture, it has also awakened her penchant for other Indian and Global traditions.

Rishabh incremented the world population by one on 10th October in Delhi.
He holds a degree in Engineering (Electronics and Telecom, Batch of 2012) and MBA (Marketing, Batch of 2016). While he enjoys chasing numbers day in and day out, his creative soul often instigates him to venture out and chase sunsets, preferably with soulful music playing in the background.

The wanderlust which was once a dormant seed deeply grounded seemed to have found the perfect nutrients to germinate and flourish.

An inconsistent spark from a matchstick steadily kept growing into a wild fire.

Fernweh drives them. Travel is a chase, a passion, a devotion. So many places to feed to the soul and so less time. As days roll into years, and birthdays fly by faster than the desert wind, they realized that their stranded travel dreams deserved a home and thus Maiden Routes was born.

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