Kandooma Island, Maldives

Pearl crushed to a powdery consistency,50 shades of blue with turquoise as the ring leader,a dash of chartreuse green seeping in from the magoo shrubs,the slow dance of the shredded palm leaves,the riyaaz of the sea breeze,sunlight spilling from an unfathomable jar,a pinch of moonlight to accentuate the pearly attire… AAAND Voila!  Paradise was bornContinue reading “Kandooma Island, Maldives”

South Goa, India

5th to 7th Feb ’18: I opened my eyes and was engulfed in euphoria as I recalled that our 1st wedding anniversary awaited its celebration in the undisputed queen of all beaches in Goa – Palolem. After a hearty breakfast, we bid adieu to Baga and thus began a 3 hour road trip towards South Goa,Continue reading “South Goa, India”

North Goa, India

3rd to 5th Feb ’18: Someday when I visit Lisbon, I will be able to judge the authenticity of this old Goan saying – Jea konnem Goa pollelam, tannem Lisboa pollonvchi goroz nam, translating to “He who has seen Goa need not see Lisbon” Till then, I choose to not disagree. A comfort food forContinue reading “North Goa, India”

Ishigaki Island, Okinawa

The 4 AM wakeup call never sounded more melodious. Our droopy eyelids were terribly confused with the static smile plastered on our faces even at this hour. We were headed to Ishigaki and that smile was here to stay! Sitting at the heart of Okinawan prefecture, Ishigakijima is the loving daughter of the Yaeyama family of islands.Continue reading “Ishigaki Island, Okinawa”